Fully Funded Positions for Exceptional Doctoral Students - Phase 2 (deadline April 14, 2017)

Deadline: Sat, 15.04.2017, this call is closed

HICT Spring call 2017 Phase 2: Full application

HICT Spring call 2017 consists of two phases and the present call has proceeded to Phase 2. The full call description can be found at: http://www.hict.fi/spring2017

Phase 2 is both for current doctoral students from the University of Helsinki and for potential new doctoral candidates (to Aalto and University of Helsinki), who have agreed with one of the HICT supervisors to prepare a full application including the application form, research plan, study plan, and mobility plan. In case you have a committed HICT supervisor, you can already start to write your full application. Please, check the requirements for full application below (section "What is required in Phase 2?").

If you do not have a committed HICT supervisor, and failed to find one in Phase 1, you cannot participate in Phase 2.

The Phase 2 application is now open and closes 14th April, 2017 at 16:00 (4 pm) Finnish time.

Applications are then reviewed and funding decisions are announced after this (in May 2017). Most of the funded positions commence in September, 2017.


Who is eligible to apply?

(i) Potential new doctoral students who are willing to start their doctoral studies in Aalto University or University of Helsinki under one of the HICT supervisors. In order to participate Phase 2 you need to have a committed HICT supervisor who has agreed to proceed to Phase 2 (and prepare a full application) with you. In other words, if you do not have a committed HICT supervisor, and failed to find one in Phase 1, you cannot participate in Phase 2.

(ii) University of Helsinki students: Students already enrolled in the DoCS doctoral programme in University of Helsinki may apply, but please note that DoCS has a strong preference to fund new starting students. Only apply for funding by participating in the present Phase 2 if there are exceptionally strong reasons for supporting the latter stages of the studies.

Aalto University students: Students already enrolled as doctoral student in Aalto are NOT eligible to apply in this call. In other words, if you received your doctoral study right prior to 25th March 2017, you can not apply in this call.


What is required in Phase 2?

Students participating Phase 2 need to fill in an electronic application form. There are two separate electronic forms. Please, follow the link below to the relevant form:


Form 1.     Application form for students who participated HICT Phase 1.
Form 2.     Application form for students who did not participate HICT Phase 1.


Filling in the long application (Form 2) with detailed questions is required by only those students who have a committed HICT supervisor, and did not participate in Phase 1. In case you participated Phase 1 and thus already filled in the electronic form, you do not need to fill in it again (then fill in the Form 1). However, in case you want to update your application data, please feel free to do it, and then select the Form 2.


In Phase 2, all applicants need to provide one single PDF file (submitted via the above electronic forms), with the file name "lastname_firstname.pdf". The idea here is that we are asking for material that is needed in any case when applying for a study right as a doctoral student. The PDF file should consist of the following sections and attachments:

1. Doctoral study plan, with sections:
a) Research plan and schedule
b) Study plan and schedule
c) Mobility plan and schedule
(in total max. 6 pages)


2. Compulsory attachments:
a) Motivation letter (1-2 pages) (Applicants who participated Phase 1 can use the same motivation letter, but feel free to update it)
b) A curriculum vitae (CV), describing education, employment history and publications (1-2 pages)
c) A copy of passport or ID card
d) A copy of the M.Sc. degree certificate. If the degree is still pending, then a plan for its completion must be provided. The degree must be completed by the time HICT funding commences, preferably by September 2017.
e) A study transcript provided by the applicant's university that lists studies completed and grades achieved.

f) Recommendation letter from the committed HICT supervisor. Supervisors send the letters to hict-apply@hiit.fi by 14th April, 2017.
3. Optional attachments:
g) Copy of English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE/CPE).

English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE/CPE) is required later in case you will proceed to the recruitment process and apply for doctoral studies. The universities participating in HICT have strict language skills requirements for doctoral students (Aalto University, University of Helsinki). These must be satisfied in order to be enrolled as a doctoral student, and while the language proficiency certificate is optional at the first application stage, it will be required from the applicants who continue into recruitment stage. A language proficiency test is not required from applicants whose higher education degree and the requisite studies have been taken at a university or a polytechnic (university of applied sciences, ammattikorkeakoulu) in Finland in Finnish, Swedish or English.


Problems with the application process?

First read all the material carefully, and if your problem is still unsolved, only then send email to hict-apply@hiit.fi