Malik Aqdas

Malik Aqdas · Tue, 19.01.2016

In the course of finalizing my doctoral thesis, I paid a research visit to "Center for the Connected Consumer", George Washington University in September-October 2015. The main aim of this visit was to get detailed input from the experts on my last two manuscripts addressing various privacy related aspects of Social Networking Services. During my visit, I had the opportunity of detailed discussions with Professor Donna Hoffman and Professor Thomas Novak, both regarded as the leading experts in the field of online privacy and trust. Discussions with both the Professors helped me in clarifying some of the key conceptual shortcoming of the papers. Based on their feedback, both the papers have been extensively revised. One of the revised manuscript has been recently accepted for publication as a journal article, meanwhile the other one is re-submitted as a journal article after making minor changes.

Furthermore, we also discussed the possibilities of carrying out future research work specifically in the domain of wearables related to health monitoring. Finally, the opportunity to attend bi-weekly group meetings of the research group where I met various doctoral and post-doc researchers was highly beneficial. These meetings offered me an important experience about the activities and performance of a world-class research group. To sum up, my visit to the "Center for the Connected Consumer" was extremely important for aligning my research to top research in the domain.