Kiran Garimella

Kiran Garimella · Wed, 23.09.2015

Our paper titled Co-Following on Twitter was accepted at the 25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT 2014). I visited Santiago, Chile to present this work. This is work I did with in collaboration with Ingmar Weber (Qatar Computing Research Institute), while I was working there. The conference is one of the best venues for web mining and social media related research and attracts high quality papers from these areas. There were two keynote speakers, (i) Cesar A. Hidalgo, talked about the cool visualization tools they were building at MIT and explained their importance in today's world, where we see an exponential increase in the amount of data being generated, and (ii) Ricardo Baeza-Yates, who talked about the wisdom of the crowds on how user generate data is very important in designing algorithms at scale.


There were a lot of interesting talks in the area of social media analysis, which particularly relates to my PhD thesis. Apart from the conference talks, I was able to meet and interact with some of the big researchers in the field, which provided me with a broader understanding of possibilities for future research. I wrote a short blog post on our group blog about the paper. (


I would like to thank the HICT travel stipend for partly supporting my travel to Chile. Here's a picture of me presenting my paper.