Abdulmelik Mohammed

Abdulmelik Mohammed · Tue, 31.10.2017

In summer 2016, I had received support from HICT for a research visit to Professor Natasha Jonoska's group in University of South Florida. We started a collaboration during that visit which eventually lead to a joint paper with Dr. Mustafa Hajij, a senior postdoc aliated with her group. Our strengths in algorithms for biomolecular nanosystems coupled with their expertise in topology enabled us to algorithmically address a fundamental topological challenge for constructing higher-genus DNA polyhedra.

In autumn 2017, I presented this work in the DNA23 conference on DNA computing and molecular programming organized at the University of Texas at Austin. After the end of the conference, I visited Professor Jonoska's lab to continue our work along this direction and explore other similar shared interests. Despite its' brevity, the visit was productive with solution ideas for pertinent problems as well as new directions having being explored. Once again, HICT provided a travel grant to support the conference and research visit. I would like to thank HICT for providing continued support for my research related travels, which I hope will bring further high quality work.