Vikas Verma

Vikas Verma · Mon, 02.10.2017

I have been working on Deep Learning algorithms for my doctoral thesis. Recently, I made a research visit to Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA), Montreal, Canada. MILA is a leading academic research lab in the research area of Deep Learning. At MILA, I worked in Prof. Yoshua Bengio’s research group.

Working at MILA has been a great experience for me. During my stay at MILA, I worked on a number of research topics including Iterative Inference in Deep Architectures, Optimization dynamics for learning compositional tasks and Generative adversarial networks based denoising. At MILA, I also had the opportunity to attend numerous talks on the latest research in Deep Learning.

This research visit has enabled me to understand some of the latest research directions in Deep Learning, establish research collaboration with researchers at MILA and to be able to generate novel research ideas.

This trip to Montreal, Canada has been a great support to my doctoral thesis work and I sincerely thank HICT for providing the travel grant for this trip.