Minna Tamper

Minna Tamper · Thu, 17.08.2017

I attended the 1st Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK) conference 18 - 21.6.2017 in Galway, Ireland. I presented two posters titled: 1) AATOS – A Configurable Tool for Automatic Annotation and 2) Named Entity Linking in a Complex Domain: Case Second World War History. Both posters were long papers that I had written in collaboration with other researchers of my research group and they will be included in my PhD thesis.

In the first paper (1) I was the first author and in the second paper (2) I was the second author. The first paper (1) presents an automatic annotation tool that can annotate texts from different domains. In the paper, the tool uses data and resources from two domains: the Finnish legislation and case law and Kansa Taisteli magazine articles. In both use cases different semantic portals use the annotations provided by the tool for improving the searchability of documents.

The second paper (2) evaluates different automatic annotation tools created during WarSampo project. The aim of the project is to promote peace via a semantic portal that publishes the large heterogeneous sets of data about the WW2 in Finland as Linked Open Data (LOD). In this portal, we have data about military units, places, and events that have been used to annotate Kansa Taisteli magazine articles and war time photographs (SA-kuvat). The aim of annotating the data is to improve the searchability of the items and make it easy for the users to browse and learn about the war through them.

I presented the first poster (1) and participated in presenting the second poster also in the poster session of the LDK2017 conference. In addition, I attended different workshops, many talks, and evening events. The conference program was full of nice activities and opportunities to meet and network with other professionals and researchers. There was not much time for traveling and instead I got to know the town. During the entire trip, the weather in Ireland was unusually warm and sunny. It made the trip all the more enjoyable.