Kiran Garimella

Kiran Garimella · Thu, 13.04.2017

I recently travelled to Perth, Australia to attend the 26th World Wide Web Conference. I presented two posters and a demo titled: (i) ‘Media Attention to Science’, (ii) ‘Understanding International Migration using Tensor Factorization’, and (iii) ‘Exposing Twitter users to Contrarian News’.

The two posters are work that I did with other students in my lab, where we try to get insights from large scale data. In the recent years, we’ve seen increasing media attention to research. I wanted to see if we can validate the hypothesis from data. Using data collected from 45000 papers published in the PNAS journal, we studied this hypothesis. For the second poster, we showed the use of tensor factorization for understanding migration patterns from Twitter data. Our demo paper is an extension of our recent research where we try to connect users with opposing view points, in a polarized discussion.

My collaborators in this work were Aris Gionis (Aalto University, my PhD supervisor), Gianmarco De Francisci Morales (Qatar Computing Research Institute), and Michael Mathioudakis (Aalto University), Han Xiao (Aalto University), and Hieu Nguyen (Aalto University). The conference (WWW) is one of the best in the areas of Web research, and it was a great honor to present our work at the conference. The demo paper is an integral part of my PhD thesis and attending the conference was a great experience, since I could get valuable feed back on potential next steps as well as suggestions on improving work. I really appreciate the travel support provided by HICT for my trip to Australia.