Kasper Apajalahti

Kasper Apajalahti · Tue, 21.02.2017

In October, I attended to the International Conference on Mobile Networks Management (MONAMI) in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. The conference lasted for two days and I presented a research paper about advanced automation in the 5G network management there. The paper is about a network management concept that is proposed to learn from the past experiences of network operations and apply this information to solve similar problems in the future. 

The conference was highly relevant for me as my PhD studies in the Department of Computer Science in Aalto University are related to this field. The conference included several interesting talks and research papers. For example, one paper was about a simulation framework for evaluating Software-defined network (SDN) applications. Also, another talk focused on dynamic chaining of network service functions in the 5G and SDN network architecture.

There was also a hands-on session in which we learned to use a software platform (RIOT) to develop routing and messaging applications for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The tutorial was very useful for me as I did not have earlier experience in programming with IoT devices.

Altogether I had two exciting days in Abu Dhabi. I only wish that the conference would have lasted longer and that I had more time to spend in the city.