Markku Laine

Markku Laine · Tue, 26.04.2016

Our paper entitled "UniQue: An Approach for Unified and Efficient Querying of Heterogeneous Web Data Sources" was accepted to the 12th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2016), which was held on April 23 – 25, 2016 in Rome, Italy. In the paper, we introduce a unified querying (UniQue) approach that provides a uniform and declarative query interface across heterogeneous web data sources. The paper is in line with my previous publications and forms the final missing piece of my doctoral dissertation. The research work was conducted at the Aalto University under the guidance of my HICT supervisor Prof. Petri Vuorimaa.

The WEBIST 2016 conference covered a wide range of topic areas related to web information systems and technologies. The keynote lectures, four in total, were given by experts in their respective fields and ranged from nearby clouds (Native Cloud Applications) all the way up to the unexplored parts of space (Extending the Internet to Space). As the conference was held in conjunction with six other conferences (CSEDU 2016, SMARTGREENS 2016, CLOSER 2016, VEHITS 2016, IoTBD 2016, and COMPLEXIS 2016), there were plenty of interesting presentations to follow. Indeed, two presentations were directly related to our paper; one from WEBIST 2016 and one from CLOSER 2016. I also ran into familiar faces and connected with many new ones.
All in all, the conference was well organized and definitely worth the visit. This was also my first visit to Rome, which made the trip even more special. Thank you HICT for the support!