CS Communications afternoons – workshop series on May-June 2019

Thu, 02.05.2019

The Department of Computer Science in collaboration with the Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in Information and Communications Technology (HICT) arranges a new series of workshops around topics of science communication and research work. The series consists of six different themes, highlighting some key communications-related questions in every researcher’s life. Check out the topics and schedule below!

No need to register – just show up! We also offer snacks and refreshments! 

Doctoral and Master students can earn 1 ECTS if they attend four of the events and write reports of each theme.

Please, register here in case you want to earn the credits

Time & Place: Tuesdays at 14.00, CS building, T6 (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo)

  • 7.5.2019 – How to be a researcher on Twitter?
  • 14.5.2019 – How to make a press release?
  • 21.5.2019 – How to publish Open Access?
  • CANCELLED! Friday 24.5.2019 at 10.00 – How to write a scientific paper?
  • 28.5.2019 – How to prepare and visualize scientific posters?
  • 4.6.2019 – How to attend conferences?

How to be a researcher on Twitter?

Have you ever thought of how to share your research in social media? How to get everything out of Twitter as a researcher? Social media expert Petro Poutanen will show you how to effectively take part in Twitter conversations and how to best utilize Twitter in disseminating your research results.

Teacher: Petro Poutanen (Social media expert)

How to make a press release?

Have you ever thought of what are the elements of an excellent press release? Do you know what kind of help Aalto University offers for preparing and publishing press releases? In this informal session you will learn on when and how to start preparing a press release.

Teachers: Matthew Allinson and Katrina Jurva (Communications Specialists)

How to publish Open Access?

Nowadays many funders (e.g. EU Horizon 2020, Academy of Finland) require researchers to publish Open Access. Moreover, in the new universities funding model, publications, and in particular their openness, have a greater value than before. In this session you will learn the basics about open access publishing and open science. You will also learn how easy it is to open a publication by self-archiving the accepted manuscript of your refereed article to Aalto University's repository (ACRIS).

Teacher: Antti Rousi (Information Specialist)

How to write a scientific paper?

Publishing scientific articles in journals and conferences is vital for academic career development; to obtain funding, to obtain academic qualifications, or for all of these reasons. Many young researchers find it challenging to write scientific articles, and often struggle with the writing process itself. Professor Jari Saramäki will describe the basic steps to follow in writing a scientific article. He will familiarize the audience with the main sections and elements that an average article should contain and some tips for making the research paper more attractive and acceptable for publication. 

Teacher: Jari Saramäki (Professor, Department of Computer Science)

How to prepare and visualize scientific posters?

Did you get your poster accepted for a conference next summer? How to communicate scientific results effectively with a poster presentation? This afternoon session deals with these questions in an informal and interactive manner. You will learn on how to visualize research with a poster and how to avoid common pitfalls. You can bring your own poster to the session if you wish!

Teachers: Matti Ahlgren (Communications coordinator & Photographer, MA) and Aija Kukkala (Academic coordinator, PhD)

How to attend conferences?

Are you going to a conference next summer? Big conferences with parallel sessions, tight schedules and hundreds of people may seem very intense or even chaotic especially for some early-career researchers. Nevertheless, conferences provide great possibilities for networking, job seeking, and sharing research results. This informal afternoon session will give you some useful tips on how to make your conference trip a success. We will discuss, for instance, on how to approach other researchers (also those “big stars”) and how to present own research in an effective way.

Teacher: Krisztina Cziner, (Project Manager, DSc)