Support for international and national activities

Important: please note, that HICT does not grant travel stipends in 2018. Application time for 2017 has been closed (1st of December, 2017).

Annually, there are travel stipends available for HICT students, for both research visits to other research groups and for trips to conferences, workshops and summer schools. 

If you are a student at UH in the DoCS programme, please use the DoCS form.

If you are a HICT student in Aalto/ELEC, please contact your supervisor.

Application procedure for Aalto/CS doctoral students

Please fill in your application on this web form. Please remind your supervisor (and instructor, if you have one) to send a recommendation of your trip to hict-admin[at] There is no specific deadline this year.

The supervisor's recommendation letter should include following points:

  • Short description and confirmation how the paper/poster/presentation supports student's doctoral thesis.
  • Description of the relation to the doctoral thesis, if the grant is used for a summer school or a research visit.

For conference visits and most short visits (max one week) direct costs can be covered up to 100%, if they meet the criteria (see recommendations below). HICT grants travel stipends depending on the availability of funding. Travellers' daily allowances can unfortunately no longer be supported, and at most three stipends can be awarded per travel year for any student applicant.

For longer research visits such as research visits and summer schools (more than a week) HICT aims at funding 50% of the traveling/accommodation costs, and for these travellers' daily allowances can unfortunately no longer be supported. The maximum amount for a HICT travel grant is 5000€.

For flight prices, we follow recommendations given by EU programme guide

Travel distance Amount per participant
100-499 km 180 €
500-1999 km 275 €
2000-2999 km 360 €
3000-3999 km 530 €
4000-7999 km 820 €
8000 km or more 1100 €


If the HICT stipend does not cover the entire costs of the trip, other funding must also be provided (e.g., by the department, or by some available external funding).

HICT students who receive a travel grant should provide, after the trip, a one-page report of their research visit or conference attendance that also includes a desciption of how the trip supported their doctoral thesis. Check also recent reports from HICT students.


The executive committee of HICT provides recommendations on awarding the grant to the student (depend on the home department). The recommendations taken into consideration at the CS department (Aalto University):

  • How many stipends the student has received during the current year.
  • The funds available per application.
  • The student should have a contribution (paper, poster) in the event for which he/she applies for a stipend and he/she should present the paper/poster himself/herself.
  • The student has submitted a journal article, which is part of the doctoral thesis and he/she wishes to present the results in a conference/research event. One conference trip per journal submission can be supported.
  • By default HICT will support only applications where the student's contribution will be part of his/her doctoral thesis.

See further instructions to plan a trip at Aalto CS department.

Please address any questions to hict-admin[at]