Research Area Tracks and Supervisors

The activities of HICT are structured along five research area specific tracks: Algorithms and machine learning, User centered and creative technologies, Life science informatics, Networks, networked systems and services, and Software and service engineering and systems. The doctoral supervisors associated to each track are listed below. (Note that some of the supervisors have dual affiliations across tracks.)

  1. Algorithms and Machine Learning (AML)


  1. Life Science Informatics (LSI)


  1. Networks, Networked Systems and Services (NNSS)
    • Prof. Keijo Heljanko (Aalto/CS, Aalto University coordinator) distributed systems, cloud computing, big data
    • Prof. Sasu Tarkoma (UH/CS, University of Helsinki coordinator) Internet of Things, mobile sensing, analytics and security
    • Prof. N. Asokan (Aalto/CS) security and privacy
    • Prof. Tuomas Aura (Aalto/CS) 
    • Prof. Mario Di Francesco (Aalto/CS) wireless networking, mobile and ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things
    • Prof. Heikki Hämmäinen (Aalto/COMNET) techno-economics of new Internet architectures and protocols, big data analysis of mobile Internet usage
    • Prof. Jussi Kangasharju (UH/CS) opportunistic networks, information-centric networking, cloud computing
    • Prof. Raimo Kantola (Aalto/COMNET) customer edge switching (generalization of NATs), trust management for the Internet including privacy preservation, software defined networking applications for mobile networks
    • Prof. Kimmo Kaski (Aalto/CS) computational science, statistical physics, complex systems and networks
    • Prof. Mikko Kivelä (Aalto/CS) complex systems, network science, graph data and models, social networks, multilayer networks
    • Prof. Jukka Manner (Aalto/COMNET) mobile network and device data analytics, security of SDN-based networks
    • Prof. Valtteri Niemi (UH/CS) information security, cybersecurity, privacy
    • Prof. Pekka Nikander (Aalto/COMNET) blockchains, IoT, Industrial Internet
    • Prof. Stephan Sigg (Aalto/COMNET) pervasive computing, activity recognition, sentiment sensing
    • Prof. Tarik Taleb (Aalto/COMNET) 5G, network function virtualization (NFV), and mobile cloud
    • Prof. Stavros Tripakis (Aalto/CS) formal methods, computer-aided verification and synthesis, cyber-physical systems
    • Prof. Petri Vuorimaa (Aalto/CS) web services, web applications, web of things
    • Prof. Yu Xiao (Aalto/COMNET) mobile cloud computing, crowdsensing, smart cities
    • Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski (Aalto/CS) mobile cloud computing, mobile crowdsensing, mobile multimedia systems


  1. Software and Service Engineering and Systems (SSES)


  1. User Centered and Creative Technologies (UCCT)