Teemu Kämäräinen

Teemu Kämäräinen · Wed, 15.03.2017

I attended the Eighteenth Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (ACM HotMobile 2017) on 21-22 February, 2017 in Sonoma, CA (USA). The workshop focuses mainly on mobile applications and systems advocating non-traditional approaches, new directions for research and controversial approaches.

My paper presentation was titled “Dissecting the End-to-end Latency of Interactive Mobile Video Applications”. The paper includes methods and initial results for latency measurements in mobile cloud gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality scenarios. These results are vital for my PhD project and are already used in a conference paper to be published in ACM Multimedia Systems later this year.

The workshop presentations covered a wide range of topics from vehicle platooning to droneassisted extension of cell tower coverage. For my research, extremely interesting were two mobile phone benchmarking papers. I was particularly surprised by how the performance of identical mobile phones can vary substantially across devices.

The two keynote speakers were really inspiring. I was particularly impressed on the presentation from Eric Paulos (University of California, Berkeley). He covered a wide range of projects on wearable computing and also discussed the link between arts and technology, something surely topical for Aalto as well. It was also great to see a lot of representation from the industry in the workshop. Researchers from Google, Microsoft, Samsung and various startups seemed to have a sincere interest on the covered topics.

I didn’t have much time to visit the local scenery outside the conference center this time. However, I really enjoyed the local town of Sonoma and the lovely scenery on my short drive around the Napa Valley.