Doctoral course: Pitch Training for ICT Research (1 credit)

Wed, 02.09.2015

Would you like to learn to tell the essential of you research in just 1-2 minutes? You never know, it just might be useful
- at your thesis defense to convince your opponent
- in a job interview
- when you apply for research funding from AoF, Tekes...
- you wish to commercialize your research results and create a start-up
- you find yourself sitting next to your lifelong IT guru, a business angel or a journalist, and you just wish you knew how to say something convincing about your thesis/research...

Just register before noon (12pm) Sep 24!  Registration is open for Aalto and UH doctoral students. The link to the event exists also at Think Company's event calendar.

WHEN: Tuesday 6.10 & Thursday 8.10 at 12-3 pm 
WHERE: Think Company, Vuorikatu 5
WHY: 1 credit and 5 best receive a ticket to SLUSH!


Tuesday Oct 6
12:00 Introduction to Think Company, UH and Aalto services
12:30 Lecture given by Joel Takala (Senior Research Funding Advisor, UH Research Services)
14:00 Assignment
15:00 End of the session

Thursday Oct 8
12:00-15:00 1-2min talks given by participants + feedback

There is no participation fee. Please just register before noon Sep 24. Due to limitations of space, we reserve the rights to select from 20 to 45 participants. The participants will be contacted and informed a week before the course.